Come the Revolution?


Telford’s Telescope

Comes the Revolution?         

This month I’m sharing some Revolutionary poetry with you, because our city, state, and nation nears the day when nothing short of a Second American Revolution will be able to set things right for the ordinary citizen.

To Re-Americanize America

For the sake and salvation

Of our next generation,

Hate its degradation;

Love its liberation.

The earliest solution?—

Revive the Revolution


Comes the Revolution

It is unfortunately true

That by two thousand twenty-two

Those one- percenter corporate cats

And money-grubbing plutocrats

Who make a fateful mockery

Of our once-great democracy

Shall have had a decade’s warning

That the Revolution’s forming.

All of us should be dissenters—

Black and white and gray and gay.

There can be no weak relenters—

Everyone must join the fray.

In Dead of Night

Erase the ‘N’ from crowns bejeweled

And worn by corporate emperors:

You then get pupil-plucking crow_s

Evolved of sable-feathered snakes

That flew through prehistoric nights.

Therefore beware, O mogul Trump

And your own reptilian ilk:

It’s but one mere misstep down

From contemporary night

To Revolutionary nightmare—

And the black and crow-plucked blindness

Of the dead.

And—fearing that the socially insensate bankers, politicians, and corporate moguls have finally been emotionally moved too late (if at all) to consult the gold timepieces in the watch fobs of their thousand-dollar suits—I write:

The Thirteenth Hour

Xenophobic, ethnocentric, racist, classist kinds

Of misanthropically myopic, microscopic minds

Mask beneath intolerance a frightful face of fear

That’s globally infectious: the Holocaust is here.

*In his role as Detroit’s Emergency Manager, Kevin Orr turned off the water in thousands of homes.  In 1999, then-governor Engler took over our then-excellent and solvent schools, plunging them toward academic and fiscal destruction.  Some local media, judges, and preachers have sold out.  Our then-City Council meekly allowed the unelected Orr to give away millions of dollars-worth of our prime downtown real estate for an arena.  Gov. Snyder restored elected leadership to Detroit but inexplicably balked at doing the same for DPS.  Nationally, Republicans do all they can to neutralize our President.  Killings occur in our city and worldwide with no ready solutions to stop the carnage.  When enough men can no longer feed their families legally, millions of hunting rifles will target something other than deer, and a second and bloodier American Revolution will commence.  We can only hope that reason will prevail on Wall Street and in the U.S. Capitol Building before that happens.

For one tumultuous year, then-Superintendent John Telford shared leadership of the Detroit Public Schools with then-Emergency Financial Manager Roy Roberts and fought Lansing’s takeover of the schools every step of the way until Roberts fired him on March 29, 2013 when the unconstitutional and unwelcome Public Act 436 kicked in.   Get his crusading books at, hear him Sundays at 4:30 on Newstalk1200, write him at, and call him at (313) 460-8272.  

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