A Very Crucial Election



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October 21, 2014

A Very Crucial Election

Detroit and Michigan, this is the most crucial election day (non-presidential) in my 79 years on this planet.  We’ve got to get Snyder out of there and Schauer and the other Democrats in–and the Detroit school board election is one of the most significant in memory.  Vote LaMar Lemmons, Ida Short, Reverend David Murray, and Victor Gibson for DPS board.  All four have worked tirelessly to rid DPS of the ineffective and detractive emergency managers.  Also, I support Vicki Dobbins for River Rouge school board and Margaret Weertz for Grosse Point school board.  Spread the word.

P.S. Hear Sen. Coleman Young and Rev. David Bullock on my show this coming Sunday.
P.P.S. – Check out my column this week (Oct. 19 – 25) in the Michigan Citizen on a Lansing judge’s oppressive and illegal ruling on DPS.

Also, with permission from my good friend and colleague Russ Bellant, I would like to add his excellent comments about what is at stake for all of us in November.

On November 4 on the nonpartisan ballot will be four at-large seats for the Detroit Board of Education. There are 16 candidates. Eleven of those candidates have not attended any school board meetings.

One has a felony record.

Two represent Excellent Schools Detroit, which formed to create a network of high schools outside of DPS, but with the stated intention of taking over DPS buildings.

Twelve of the sixteen were asked to stand with the school board at a press conference when they called for the removal of the “emergency” manager. Remember, DPS has been under “emergency” management for over 67 months and under Lansing control for 12 of the last 15 years. The law says after 18 months an elected body can remove the “emergency” manager, but that language is not adhered to when it comes to our school district. Apparently these 12 board wannabes do not  care either.

The same twelve have not been active or visible in standing against school closings, even the closings of Kettering West Wing, the School for the Deaf, Oakman Orthopedic and other irreplaceable schools for special needs children. They have not spoken out against the blatant corruption and abuses of power by “emergency” managers. They have no demonstrated interest in the future of the Detroit Public School system yet want voters to hand them the keys to the district.

The only four that are not included in this narrative are three incumbents, LaMar Lemmons, David Murray and Ida Short and also a retired teacher, Victor Gibson. They have attended meetings regularly, called special meetings and worked aggressively to tell the world what was happening at DPS. Even though their legal power was usurped by Gov. Snyder they worked within the severe limitations of the law to try and help preserve DPS and fought in court battles over principled issues. The commercial media generally ignored the Board’s efforts and the EM abuses.

The four are working together in this campaign and have literature for those who want to help. You can meet with Keep The Vote president Helen Moore for literature tomorrow at 6 pm at Dexter-Elmhurst Community Center, 11825 Dexter.

There will be four elected to these seats. Please ensure that those seats go to people who will not collaborate with Rick Snyder’s emasculation of voter control and dismantlement of our district.

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