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April 28, 2014

Telford’s Telescope

Expand the EAA? You’re kidding, right?

Why it is called the “Education Achievement Authority” I will never understand. The EAA has virtually no achievement to speak of while it has managed to strip authority over public education away from those who are most qualified to exercise that authority. Although Gov. Snyder is trying his best to convince Michigan residents that stealing public education away from the public and putting it in his hands is the best thing for children, the truth is beginning to expose the lie.

From Sarah Cwiek of NPR Public Radio:

“It was like being thrown into the lion’s den”

But as the EAA goes through its second full school year, there’s more solid information on the district’s performance. It reveals some problems.

One major problem is enrollment. The data show that about one-quarter of all EAA students left the district between its first and second year (district officials have said this drop was “expected”).

The EAA’s first batch of state test results weren’t too promising, either. You can find some bright spots among the data. But overall, most EAA students’ MEAP scores dropped, or stayed about the same, as the previous year.

And a small but growing number of former teachers and administrators have started speaking out publicly about the EAA’s troubles.

“It started from the very beginning of school. It seemed like I was set up to fail,” said former Nolan teacher Delbert Glaze. “I pretty much felt like I was thrown into the lion’s den, and left to fend for myself the whole year.”

As an educator with more than 50 years experience teaching in the Detroit metro area, and who has been intimately involved with this issue since it first began infecting Detroit public schools, I can say with some authority that the full story of the EAA is far worse, and if the EAA is allowed to expand it will be disastrous for Michigan children. Any attempt to expand this disaster simply must be stopped.

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