Supreme’s endorsement of Michigan affirmative action ban predictable













April 23, 2014

Telford’s Telescope

Supreme’s endorsement of Michigan affirmative action ban predictable

I can’t honestly say it was surprising to me when I heard the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Michigan’s ban on affirmative action. This court has made a supreme mockery of justice on more than one occasion, perhaps most notoriously when they voted to give billionaires the right – and the tools – to purchase elections by funneling as much cash into the game as they feel like. The hell with leveling the playing field, this is mowing down the common folk to make way for the Tea Parties of the wealthy and the delusional not-quite-so-wealthy followers who cling to the belief that whatever is good for master is good for the slave as well.

Although the Court majority and its supporters are trying to spin the fiction that this was simply about affirming the vote of Michigan’s citizens who  did not think affirmative action was a good idea and needed to be trashed, the glaring truth of the matter is that this was just another brick in the wall. Citizen’s United. The Voting Rights Act. Then, earlier this month, the 5-4 decision which gives wealthy donors even more freedom to legally purchase any election they can afford. It is all part of a long game strategy to dismantle every step of progress this nation has made toward fairness and equality for the past 60 years or more, and this most recent decision is a race backwards to the future.

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