And now for some poetry…


April 1, 2014

Telford’s Telescope

And now for some poetry…

I’ve been writing poetry for years, and I figured it was finally time for me to collect these verses that I have been scribbling for the past forty years or so and put them in a single volume. Poetic Prancings is the name of the book and it is due out soon. Stay tuned for the release announcement, but meanwhile here is a taste of what’s inside. I may post a few more verses in coming weeks.


COMES THE REVOLUTION          (2012)

It is unfortunately true

That by Two Thousand Twenty-two

Those “one-percenter” corporate cats

And money-grubbing plutocrats

Who make a fateful mockery

Of our once-great democracy

Shall have had a decade’s warning

That the Revolution’s forming.

All of us should be dissenters—

Black and white and gray and gay.

Dare all “99-percenters”

Grab a Glock, or an A-K?

There can be no weak relenters—

Everyone must join the fray!

(Yet since we’re also normal men,

We’ll rack our rifles now and then

To smoke a joint and have a drink—

And then mayhap and maybe

We’ll pause and point and smile and wink

At some attractive lady!)


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