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“The best memoir on Detroit I’ve ever read!”

This is how a press secretary to two Detroit mayors describes Dr. John Telford’s sensational and visionary new book. Former University of Michigan football coach Lloyd Carr calls it “The legendary legacy of a legendary leader.” Tom Watkins, Michigan’s former state superintendent of public instruction says, “Some call John Telford wild, a loose cannon, even crazy—but he aims his cannon straight at the perpetrators of the educational genocide of black children.”
John Telford has run on many tracks during his tumultuous seventy-three years—not all of them always the right ones. He outran Olympic champions, hosted radio shows, appeared on television, wrote over one thousand newspaper columns, coached and taught in ghetto schools and in colleges, led school districts and social service agencies, and fought for urban school reform and minority rights. But he also was incarcerated as a teen, was expelled from a Detroit high school for brawling with an administrator, made indiscreet and indiscriminate love with other men’s wives and was attacked for his controversial educational and social initiatives.
Dr. Telford pulls no punches telling his often scandalous, sometimes humorous, yet poignant and inspiring life story—which Michigan state senator Hansen Clarke calls “Unadulterated dynamite!”, and a former ACLU national legal director calls “A triumphant tale of racing, rebellion, and raw courage.”
In this blockbuster autobiography, an electrifying educator, athlete, lover, and poet bares his soul.




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